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Here at Parkhouse we carry out repair and restoration on antique, reproduction, retro and modern furniture. Whether you require minor repairs, such as loose joints or damaged veneers to full furniture restoration, we can professionally undertake all aspects restoring your items with sensitivity to age and value using traditional materials.

People come to us to restore their furniture for a variety of reasons from sentimentality to cost efficiency as restoration is usually cheaper than buying the modern day equivalent of the same piece of furniture. Our skilled restorers take a sympathetic approach and can return almost any item of furniture back to its former glory using any number of techniques to bring your furniture back to life for many more years of use and enjoyment.

This includes-


Glueing & Repairs - Scratches, loose joints, broken or missing parts. Wherever possible we repair any damage by gluing and so ensuring the authenticity of the piece.


Carving and woodturning  - to replace missing parts as we can copy and repair original carvings and turnings


Waxing & Oiling - To avoid stripping and retain the patina on earlier antique furniture, we use old techniques and materials. This may include waxing or oiling, to enhance the texture and beauty of the natural wood.

Furniture repair

If you have a favourite piece that has been damaged or is just looking tired, please do call us and we can discuss how we can bring it back to its original state.

"Brilliant repair of a dining chair - I have recently had a chair restored which if seen looked an impossible job as it was very badly damaged. This is a mahogany chair belonging to a set of 8 and I felt it was lost. I couldn't believe it when I collected it as there was no evidence at all of any damage; a totally impeccable job and very reasonably priced. I am now looking at other items which could do with an overhaul and plan on having my dining table polished in the New Year, I have no hesitation in using this firm again." Angela C.

"A much loved cricket table had the top ruined by a spilt hot cup of tea, so it and a very wobbly sofa table were entrusted to Parkhouse. Both departed in the van with Fred and Eva. They have just been returned; the cricket table with a newly polished surface but without any sign of over restoration or over staining. That matters so much with a piece of furniture that has its own integral character. The wobbly sofa table is now stable, the gap in the top has disappeared, the fluting around the base is repaired and a beautiful soft sheen on the table surface finishes off the restoration. All in all a superb job done for a very reasonable charge. We are pleased and will recommend you to friends." Belinda W.

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